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Our aim



To pull together our community and foster value awareness among our youth
A place that will allow for greater interaction especially amongst the younger generation through sports. Our club welcomes anyone who desires to greater understand and bond with our Indian community

To be Physically Healthy and Spiritually Nourished

  HEROfİ has been engaging the spirit of our youth successfully for several months now, creating an important union and a common identity for our Indian Community. We want to extend a warm invitation for your continued participation every Sunday.  


  Golden Sponsors    

Your support has indeed made a super difference! Thank You.

  • Nagina Devi ,

  • Purendra Nath Tiwari

  • Puspa Devi, Gary

  • Mala Devi

  • Jai Shankar Upadhiah

  • Satin Dubey

  • Bijay Bahadur Pandey

  • Mr & Mrs Mahavishnu

  • Subhash Pandey

  • Pooja Devi

  • Urmila Devi

  • Roopesh, Rani

  • Debbie

  • Parry Tiwari

  • Ramakant Misra

  • Satya Tiwari

  • Ashok Kumar Tiwari

  • Soni, Karm Chand Panday

  • Usha Devi Tiwari

  • Dharmender Prashad

  • Akash Prashad

  • Jai Prakash Pandey

  • Dinesh Tripathi

  • Pravin Kumar Pandey
  • Pranav Kumar Pandey
  • Abishek
  • Rahul Shankar Pandey
  • Vinod Misra
  • Ram Ashwin Tiwary
  • Akash Prashad
  • Rajesh Misir
  • Suraj Prakash Upadhiah
  • Sanjeev Upadhiah İ
  • Jitesh Kumar Soni
  • Arbind Tiwari (Deepak)
  • Ashwin Tiwari
  • Rishi Shankar Pandey
  • Verun
  • Durgeshwar Mishra
  • Bunty
  • PK Gupta
  • Ravi Shankar Pandey Vİ
  • Rohith Misir
  • Kushal Ashok
  • Taroon
  • Rakesh Misir
  • Shen Shah
  • Akilesh
  • Nikilesh
  • Ram Nitesh Tiwary
  • Monu, 29. Vignesh
  • Vinae
  • Vishal.

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