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Our Location
5 Chander Road
Singapore 219528
Tel: 62930195
Fax: 62930460



This site is hosted & maintained by devotees of Shree Lakshminarayan Temple. The information provided is for your reference only.


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Progress Report

Dear Members,

With your strong support and co-operation, the temple has seen good progress over the last few years.

 The air-conditioning and extending of the prayer hall has made it possible to accommodate an additional 200 devotees. 

 Lift installation serving all the 5 stories of the temple building is a boon to our older devotees.

The most rewarding and fulfilling development was the installation of the ‘Shivling’. Our temple is now ‘sampuran’ (complete).

These achievements could not have been possible without the support of every member in – Monetary contribution, devotion of valuable time or simply giving us moral support. On behalf of the Management Committee we thank one and all.

At the AGM held in 2004, members have once again given the Management committee the responsibility and the Mandate of upgrading the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels of the temple.

The 3rd level was created to a  fully air-conditioned Multi- Function Hall. This hall now facilitate members’ needs in organizing social and cultural activities.

At the 5th level the cooking area is being upgraded. All gutters, drainage pipes etc will be upgraded (they have not been upgraded since 1965 when the temple was built.).

Please accept our heartfelt thanks and prayers that Bhagawan Shree Lakshminarayan blesses each and every one.

Yours in the service of Bhagawan Shree Lakshminarayan.


Shree Lakshminarayan Temple

Management Committee